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Memory Foam Visco Mattresses

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for your health and well-being. The right mattress can make a big difference in the quality of sleep you enjoy and your energy levels throughout the day. Memory foam mattresses are recommended by many physicians to provide comfortable support for all parts of the body during sleep. This innovative material was originally designed for NASA to protect astronauts and pilots against the pressures experienced during takeoff and acceleration. The firm but gentle support provided by these advanced foam products can provide you with a better night’s sleep every night.

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What Is Special About the Memory-Foam Visco Mattress?

They are also known as visco elastic foam mattresses.


Unlike other foam materials, memory foam visco mattresses are designed to react with heat and pressure to conform to the shape of objects or people. When the weight on these materials is removed, the foam gradually returns to its former shape. This allows greater comfort for you and your family by accommodating every curve and contour perfectly. Your new mattress will provide you with many years of service and can help you ensure the greatest comfort possible for you and your family.

Who Can Use Memory Foam Mattresses?

The mattresses are ideal for those with back problems or discomfort during sleeping. These mattresses offer some major advantages over coil-spring mattresses, including the following:

  • Reduced perception of movement by other people in the same bed, allowing for sounder sleep
  • Lessened pressure on sensitive points and increased support for all parts of the body
  • Increased durability
  • Higher resistance to bacteria and other allergy-causing microorganisms

Some people may find memory foam mattresses too warm for sleeping comfortably, especially during the summer months. Some gel-infused memory foam mattresses are designed specifically to combat this issue by providing a much cooler surface for sleeping and resting. Memory foam mattresses are not suitable for babies or toddlers who may find it difficult to turn over or move on these softer materials.

Important Features of Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses typically receive customer satisfaction ratings of 80 percent or more, making them one of the most popular new arrivals in the mattress industry. Some of the most important features of memory foam visco mattresses include the following:

  • Microscopic air pockets that are designed to react to heat and pressure
  • Soft and comfortable materials for a good night’s rest
  • Better protection against allergens and particulates
  • Pressure-free support for aching muscles and joints
  • Higher resistance to motion transfer
  • Durable materials ensure longer life and improved comfort for many years to come

These features can ensure a better night’s sleep and the most effective use of your available funds when purchasing a mattress for your personal use. Memory foam mattresses are typically shipped in a tightly packed roll that is designed to expand once these products reach their destinations. Allowing between 12 and 24 hours for these mattresses to achieve full bulk and thickness can ensure that you enjoy the best sleep from the first day you own your new mattress.

Types of Memory Foam

You can choose from a number of different types of memory foam visco mattresses to suit your needs and your budget:

Traditional memory foam products are still constructed to the same standards used by NASA in the space program and provide solid base-level durability and comfort for most consumers.
High-density memory foam mattresses are designed specifically to be more durable and to stand up to repeated daily use.
Gel-infused mattresses are meant to combat the heat buildup sometimes experienced with traditional memory foam products.
Some mattresses are infused with green tea and other botanicals to provide a fresh, clean scent and to promote a healthier atmosphere for sleeping.

Your sleep habits and preferences will usually dictate which of these products is right for you and your family.

  • Increased comfort, especially for those with back or circulatory problems
  • Reduced stress on joints and muscles
  • Greater durability
  • A deeper, more restful sleep
  • Mattresses can be heavy and unwieldy to transport.
  • Some infused or specialty memory foam mattresses can be costly.
  • Traditional memory foam visco mattresses may have a distinctive chemical odor for the first few days or weeks of use.
  • Because memory foam conforms to your body, it can trap heat against your skin to cause an uncomfortably warm sleeping arrangement.

Gel and plant-based memory foam mattresses can reduce heat buildup to allow for a cooler and more comfortable nighttime arrangement.

What to Look for When Buying Memory Foam

Choosing memory foam visco mattresses with high density ratings can allow you to enjoy greater longevity from this financial investment. You should also check the ratings given by other consumers to determine their impression of these products. Deciding on traditional memory foam, gel-infused materials or layered mattresses can narrow down your choices in the marketplace and can ensure that you receive the best possible solution for all your sleeping needs.

Recognizing Quality Memory Foam Mattresses

High-density foam products are generally somewhat more expensive than their lower-density counterparts. Mattresses rated at five pounds or more offer far superior wear and added comfort, however, making them an outstanding investment in better sleep and improved longevity for your products. Pressure ratings can also provide added insights into the protective properties of your new mattress. Choosing a memory foam mattress rated at 32 mmHg or lower is recommended to relieve pressure on joints, muscles and bones. Finally, selecting a mattress with a foam indentation force deflection or IFD that suits your needs can provide even greater comfort for you and your family:

IFD ratings of 24 to 30 are generally associated with pillow-soft comfort.
Ratings of 30 to 36 are equivalent to that of moderate to firm traditional mattresses.
IFD ratings of 36 to 45 are reserved for firm mattresses and may be recommended for those with severe back issues or other joint and muscle issues.

Higher ratings correspond with greater firmness. Testing your new mattress or checking its reviews can help you determine the most effective choice for your needs.


Proper Care and Cleaning

Once you have chosen your memory foam mattress, you may be wondering how to keep it looking and performing at its best. Most experts recommend vacuuming up any dust or dirt that may accumulate on the surface. If spot removal is needed, using a commercially available fabric cleaning solution diluted with water can provide the treatment necessary to remove these stains. Be sure to dry your mattress thoroughly after each cleaning to ensure the healthiest environment for sleeping. Read our best mattress reviews.

By investigating the various options available in the memory foam mattress marketplace, you can make the most cost-effective and sleep-enhancing choices for yourself and for your entire family.