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Layla Mattress Review

Layla mattress is a mattress manufactured in the USA. It is manufactured out of high-quality foam and fabric and hence it can last for a long period in great condition. It’s incorporated with a special feature which makes it very comfortable and provides a memorable sleeping experience.

Layla Mattress

Layla mattress is a special bed in that provides two different textures. One side is softer than the other just in case one needs the soft side or the firm side. It also contains copper cell for cooler sleep. It’s designed in such a way to prevent one from sinking into the mattress but still provide pressure relief.It’s a durable mattress which contains a base that provides great airflow. A thermos gel is infused in the cover to help the mattress to be cool.

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1. Relief joint pain

Due to the copper used Layla mattress help in reducing joint inflammation and helped to reduce stiffness and joint pain. This is helpful to people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and also osteoarthritis. Meaning, that the mattress has a therapeutic effect for anyone with such health complications.

2. Improved blood circulation.

A copper cell in the mattress, help in improving blood circulation. This is made possible because copper gives out antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. This helps in improving the body’s’ immunity.

3. Cooler sleep.

The copper in the mattress help provides a refreshing sleep because copper is a good conductor of heat. Therefore, the copper conducts the heat from the body to the cooler parts of the room. The mattress also contains open cell memory foam and this help the mattress always to remain cool. The thermos gel infused cover also help the mattress to stay cool.

4. Durable

The Layla mattress is made from highest quality foam and fabric which makes it very durable. The material and craftsmanship used are believed to cover a lifetime. The mattress has a lifetime span but has a warranty of ten years where you can take back the mattress for replacement if it was not for commercial use. The company producing the mattresses also allow customers to take back the mattress in four months if you don’t like it and one is refunded all the cash used to buy the mattress.

Layla Mattress

5. Easy to care for.

The mattress is easy to care for as the cover can be removed and dry cleaned. The Layla recommends a breathable and waterproof mattress protector to make the maintenance even simpler and also help in keeping the mattress clean. One can even use zippered encasement-style protectors which have allergen filter that can give the sleeper an extra layer of protection.


Mattress Cover is One Sided

The mattress cover is not double sided and hence have to be removed and zipped back on after flipping the mattress, and that involve a lot of work.

First Day Smell

When the mattress is new, it has a scent upon opening on the first night. The best way to help get the lid of the smell is leaving the mattress in the open or opening the windows. After a couple of days or even hours, the smell will be no more.

Young Company

The Layla company producing the mattress is young and so it not well known by the people. The young company doesn’t have the trust of the customers. A young company don’t have a lot of experience, and so the there product may not be the best.


It’s a mattress which is copper infused memory foam. It’s constructed in a way that one side is soft while the other side is firm. The cover is infused with a thermal gel, which helps in providing a cool atmosphere. Layla mattress has an assembled height of ten inches. The whole designing and construction of the mattress are made using a state-of-the art technology. It is constructed in such a way that it provides optimum comfort to the customer. Read our memory foam mattress reviews.


Layla mattress has a cover which contains a thermos gel which helps in providing a cool condition while one is sleeping. This helps during summer time. The cover of the mattress is one-sided.

Firmness and comfort.

Layla mattress has two firmness levels in one mattress where one side is soft, and the other is firm. The two level makes the mattress to be comfortable as the customer has the option to choose on which side to use according to the taste of the user.


Layla mattress goes for eight hundred and forty-nine dollars for each mattress, and the money is refundable if you take back the mattress if one is not comfortable with the mattress in four months. The company can sell the mattress at such cost as they have eliminated the middlemen and ship directly to customers.

Guarantee and trial period.

Layla mattress has a warranty of ten to twelve years, but it’s believed they can stay for a lifetime.

Customers are given a trial period of four months if the mattress doesn’t impress you one can take it back and be refunded all the money. The only reason one may not be replaced the mattress is if your Layla was purchased for commercial use that is for rental properties, hotels, hostels, motels or other non-authorized non-personal use.

Layla Mattress


The Layla Mattress online outlets include the Amazon, Sleep Sherpa, the Ted & Stacey Mattress amongst others. Most of these online shopping platforms offer free shipping for any mattress bought. They also ensure that they avoid using middlemen in the shipment and the delivery of the product. This ensures that the mattress is delivered at a relatively low cost. They also take great precautions to ensure that they deliver the mattress in the same great condition as when it was manufactured. This helps to increase the longevity of the mattress.


The mattress industry has evolved in great strides. There have been major advancements in the way mattresses are manufactured. All these efforts are aimed at ensuring that one gets the best sleep. Additionally, they are keen to develop mattresses that help in maintaining and boosting optimum health.

Sleep is significant in the health of a person. As such, one needs to use a mattress that will be effective in providing the right conditions for the best sleep. This will help one to lead a healthy life and be more productive in life. The Layla mattress has some great benefits that are geared in giving one a wonderful night sleep. All in all, it has its challenges. See other mattress reviews.

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