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Serta iComfort Mattress Review

Serta has been serving your sleep needs since 1931, and it launched the iComfort lineup in 2011. As of January 2017, this series of mattresses has more than two dozen options that come in foam and innerspring-foam hybrid variants. These mattresses are more on the luxury side of price, but you can judge for yourself whether or not the cost is worth it with this mattress review.

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Serta iComfort Mattress Review Summary

Although it’s one of the most well-known mattress brands in the industry, Serta didn’t hit all the marks with its iComfort lineup. However, there are still many good things to say about this series of mattresses. Take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages that are covered in this iComfort mattress review.

iComfort Mattress

  • The iComfort comes in memory foam and hybrid models.
  • The line is compatible with all of Serta’s adjustable foundations.
  • They come with a new EverFeel Triple Effects gel memory foam.
  • The mattress technology responds to the individual needs of your body.
  • There are a variety of firmness and softness options.
  • The materials aren’t as effective at reducing heat retention as hoped.
  • There’s a discrepancy in size between the website and actual mattresses.
  • The price is high for the value.
  • Serta charges return and disposal fees if you don’t like your mattress. You even have to pay for return shipping.

Serta iComfort Mattress Overview

The iComfort mattresses from Serta feature up to three different types of foam, strong core support and customizable comfort. This list of features provides the ultimate sleep system with many benefits. However, there are some things in this mattress review that you should consider before you buy.


The biggest benefits of the iComfort collection are that they are all compatible with the adjustable foundations that Serta makes and that they come in foam and hybrid models.

However, the overall comfort provides some of the best sleep that you will experience because the layers respond to the individual needs of your body. Like other memory foam mattresses, this can alleviate pain and improve sleep disorders.

Additionally, the iComfort mattresses emit little to no odor. Most memory foam emits some kind of odor or off-gassing for at least a week after putting it in your home. The strength of this odor varies between foam types. However, the odor from the iComfort mattress is very slight to the point that it’s almost unnoticeable. Of course, what you smell will depend on the sensitivity of your senses.


Despite all of the wonderful traits about the iComfort mattresses from Serta, there’s some room for improvement. The gel foams weren’t as effective at reducing heat retention as hoped, so sleeping was a little hotter than expected. This is a problem with a lot of memory foam mattresses because the material holds in heat.

There was a little discrepancy in the size of the mattress listed on the website and the actual size when it was delivered. This could be a major problem for people who don’t have an adjustable foundation on which to lay their mattress.

Additionally, the quality of the mattress doesn’t seem to justify the price. Other mattresses with the same quality are available on the market for a much lower cost.

Motion Transfer and Sinkage

The iComfort Foam and Hybrid models both have really good motion isolation, which is typical for foam mattresses. Serta used pocketed coils for the hybrid models. These produce the least amount of motion transfer among bed springs, and the foam only increases the motion isolation.

The amount of sinkage was also limited. However, this will change depending on the firmness of the mattress that you choose. The amount of weight that lays on the bed also contributes to sinkage. Keep these in mind when you’re choosing your model.


Serta designed each variation of its iComfort sleep system differently. However, here is an overview of the technologies that it used:

EverFeel Triple Effects Gel Memory Foam

This advanced material is infused with millions of titanium gel beads that regulate comfort, support and temperature.

EverTemp Cool Action Gel Memory Foam

This is a gel bead layer that aids heat dissipation and provides targeted support to relieve pressure.

PillowSoft Foam

This layer increases comfort with luxurious softness.

SmartSupport Memory Coil System

This is the first memory coil support layer that keeps adjusting to the contours of your body. It’s available in select foam models.

Ultimate Edge Foam Support Core

This layer is part of the iComfort Foam models and provides strength to the upper layers and edges of the mattress to support your body during the night.

Duet Coil Innerspring

This is part of the iComfort Hybrid mattress. It contains individually wrapped coils that balance comfort with support so that you can sleep from edge to edge without rolling off. See other hybrid mattress reviews.

iComfort Mattress

When making a purchase for this iComfort mattress review, it was clear that the thickness of each layer differs between mattress models, and the number of each layer also varies. For example, you could buy a mattress with two alternating layers each of 2-inch EverFeel Triple Effects foam, 1-inch PillowSoft foam and 1-inch EverTemp Cool Action foam. On the other hand, you could buy a mattress with a single layer of each.

This diversity allows you to choose the firmness and comfort levels that you want. It also makes the overall height of each mattress different, but they generally range from 9 to 14 inches.


While testing the various models of iComfort beds for this mattress review, it was noticeable that not all of the covers were the same. They all appear to have a quilted layer. The one used for this iComfort mattress review featured a FireBlocker fiber, Pillo-Fill and a 1-inch layer of PillowSoft Foam. It was very luxurious to the touch and comforting to lay on.

Firmness and Comfort

The firmness of the iComfort bed for this mattress review was right on the money. We purchased it based on the soft-to-firm rating that Serta provides on its website. The many levels of firmness available should meet the needs of every type of sleeper.

The mattress rates well in overall comfort. Its performance at relieving pressure and reducing pain was great. It alleviated pain in the back, hips and knees, which improved sleep too.


The below prices are based on purchasing a queen mattress set with a standard 9-inch foundation. They are also in order from cheapest to most expensive and based on retail values, not sale prices, as of January 2017.

iComfort Foam

  • Foresight – $1,299
  • Guidance – $1,699
  • Savant III Cushion Firm – $1,999
  • Savant III Plush – $1,999
  • Prodigy III – $2,299
  • F300 SmartSupport – $2,499
  • F500 SmartSupport – $2,999
  • F700 SmartSupport – $3,499

iComfort Hybrid

  • Applause II Plush – $1,299
  • Applause II Firm – $1,299
  • Discoverer Plush – $1,499
  • Discoverer Firm – $1,499
  • Observer Super Pillow Top – $1,499
  • Recognition Extra Firm – $1,599
  • Recognition Plush – $1,599
  • Philosopher Plush – $1,699
  • Philosopher Firm – $1,699
  • Advisor Pillow Top – $1,799
  • Visionaire Firm – $1,999
  • Expertise Firm – $1,999
  • Expertise Super Pillow Top – $1,999
  • Visionaire Plush – $1,999
  • HB300S SmartSupport – $2,499
  • HB300Q SmartSupport Cushion Firm – $2,499
  • HB500S SmartSupport – $2,999
  • HB500Q SmartSupport Super Pillow Top – $2,999
  • HB700Q SmartSupport Super Pillow Top – $3,499
  • HB700S SmartSupport – $3,499

iComfort Mattress

Service for the Serta iComfort Mattress

Serta isn’t the best when it comes to customer service. It has a 1.3 out of five stars on Consumer Affairs and 3.76 out of five stars with the Better Business Bureau. The experience for this iComfort mattress review, however, was decent. It just took longer than anticipated to get answers to questions.

Guarantee and Trial Period

Serta offers a 10-year warranty for all of its iComfort collection, so the mattresses should last at least that long without any major problems. If something does happen out of no fault of your own, Serta will rectify the issue.


The serta company also gives you 120 days to decide whether or not you will keep your mattress. You have to use the mattress for at least 30 nights to give it time to adjust to your body. After that, you can return it for a refund before the total 120 days pass. However, you have to pay a 15 percent fee and $200 for return shipping. These charges are deducted from the refund amount.


Serta only ships mattresses within the continental United States and to post office boxes and Army and Fleet Post Office addresses. It took about eight business days to receive the bed for this mattress review. However, it could take five to 10 business days for continental and P.O. box deliveries. Serta advises that shipments to APO and FPO addresses could take four to six weeks.

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