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Hybrid Mattress Review

Your body needs exercise, nutrition and sleep to be healthy. Poor quality or lack of sleep can contribute to depression, high blood pressure, heart problems and mental illness. This is why it’s so important that you have a quality mattress. If your current mattress isn’t making the cut, consider getting a hybrid mattress for better sleep.

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What Makes Hybrid Mattresses Different?

There many different types of mattress: gel, latex and memory foams as well as innersprings. What makes hybrid mattresses unique is that they’re made of a combination of at least two of these support systems. The majority of hybrid mattresses have foam and innerspring systems. The combination of these materials allows you to benefit from each.

For Whom Are Hybrid Mattresses Most Suitable?

Hybrid mattresses offer a lot of different sleeping options. The foam makes you feel like you’re sinking into the bed a little, while the innersprings give you a little bounciness. Gel foam mattresses give you a cool feeling as you sleep, which is great if you get too hot throughout the night. Overall, hybrid mattresses are great if you think innersprings alone are too bouncy and foam is too soft.

With such versatility, hybrid mattresses can be part of a treatment plan for various sleep disorders. If you have chronic sleep deprivation or insomnia, a hybrid mattress review can help you go to sleep and sleep for longer because it makes your body feel more comfortable during the night. Some of these mattresses can also improve the alignment of your neck while you sleep, which allows you to breathe better so that you don’t wake up. This makes them ideal for correcting sleep apnea.

For people who have health issues other than sleep disorders, hybrid mattress review might help. They can provide better contouring for the body than a traditional innerspring mattress. This can relieve health conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, Injury to the spine and pain in the lower back.

Important Features

The most important features of hybrid mattresses are the foam and innerspring materials.

The coils are generally the same size as those found in traditional innerspring mattresses, and the foam is typically layered like in traditional foam mattresses. The innersprings retain the bounce in the mattress, while the foam provides comfort and contouring. Both materials have weight sensitivity so that you don’t lay on top or in the mattress. This delivers the right balance of conformity and support.

Types of the Hybrid Mattress Review

There are several combinations of materials in hybrid mattresses. It’s impossible to cover them all here, so let’s take a look at a few examples.

Gel Foam and Innersprings

Hybrid mattresses with gel foam reduce heat retention. Your body becomes warm while you sleep, but instead of holding the heat in, gel-infused memory foam diffuses the heat away from you. This creates a cooling sensation. The foam layer also gives a little under your weight to conform to your body.

Meanwhile, the innerspring layer reduces the transfer of motion that you create when you toss and turn during sleep. This helps you and your partner get more deep sleep throughout the night. It also helps the mattress retain its shape and delivers the support that your joints and muscles need while you sleep.

Memory Foam and Latex Foam

In hybrid mattresses with memory and latex foams, you get comfort, contour and pressure relief for your joints and muscles. Since these both conform to your body, the maintain proper sleeping posture to improve sleep disorders and some health conditions. Compared to hybrid mattresses with foam and innersprings, you might feel like dual-foam mattresses contour more to your body and are softer.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Since hybrid mattresses are variations of many bedding materials, the pros and cons of each apply to them. Let’s take a look at the benefits of each material and the drawbacks of combining them.

  • Latex – This material is antimicrobial, cool, mold resistant and silky to the touch. Its luxurious feel is why many manufacturers use it for the top layer. Although it has some give, latex foam is rather firm. Due to this, it may be in the bottom layer of hybrid mattresses with memory foam to serve as support for the above layers.
  • Memory Foam – The biggest benefit of memory foam is its precise support, which is why manufacturers use it as a top layer in hybrid mattresses. It also reacts to body heat and weight.
  • Springs – As the oldest type of mattress, innersprings were introduced in the 19th century and are still made today. The support is one of its biggest benefits. Although this support is more stiff and tough, innersprings have more room to give in. The type of support also depends on whether the springs are interwoven or pocketed. Another main benefit is a lower cost, which helps reduce the price on a few hybrid mattresses.
  • Overall, hybrid mattresses are more expensive than traditional foam and innerspring mattresses with similar quality. Some of this is because combining bedding materials is a rather new concept in the market.
  • Similar to multipurpose tools, some hybrid mattresses could be less reliable than their traditional counterparts. Part of this is because the combination of materials reduces structural integrity.
  • Hybrid mattresses with memory foam don’t hold in body heat, but they can reflect the heat back at you. This could disrupt your sleep.
  • You don’t get to experience the silky touch of latex foam when it’s used as a core or in-between layer of hybrid mattresses. This nullifies one of the benefits of this material. Considerations When Buying a Hybrid Mattress
  • Before you start the process of buying a hybrid mattress, you need to consider the types of layers that you want. Do you get hot while you’re sleeping? Look for hybrid mattresses with gel foam layers. Do you prefer more support over luxurious feel? A mattress with memory foam might work better for you. If you want a balance of luxury and support, look at mattresses with innersprings and latex foam.
  • Consider going to several mattress retailers to look at hybrids in person. You can test out the mattresses to determine which one will suit your way of sleeping the best.

How to Recognize Quality

While you’re shopping for a mattress, it might be hard to tell which ones are made of quality materials. One way to determine quality is to do some online research. You can use a mobile device while you’re in the store to look up the exact mattresses and see what others rated them on quality.

Additionally, some manufacturers or stores claim that their mattresses are hybrids, but this isn’t always true. Take a look at the details to see if the mattresses really have a combination of materials inside. You might be able to look at a sample of the inner layers.

Proper Care and Cleaning Tips

Hybrid mattresses can last for many years when you care for and clean them properly. Use these care and cleaning tips for yours:

Cover it with a pad or protector to avoid damaging your mattress with stains. Getting a washable cover allows you to remove and clean stains away without using a cleaner on your mattress.

Use the right foundation for support. Different frames provide optimal support for different mattress types. You can follow the care and maintenance instructions for your mattress. However, purchasing a mattress set is the easiest way to this.

Rotate your mattress even if the product warranty doesn’t tell you to. This prevents permanent body impressions and allows the padding in your mattress to settle evenly.

Leave the sewn tags on the mattress for identification purposes if you need to make a claim on your warranty. Removing the tags could void the warranty.

Don’t clean your mattress with harsh chemicals because they could damage the inner layers. Instead, spot clean stains with a mild soap, and use a vacuum to remove loose debris from the top layer.
Avoid jumping or standing on the mattress because this can also damage the inner layers.

Hybrid mattresses work for all types of people whether they like to sleep on their backs, sides or stomachs. They can even help with certain health and sleep disorders. Visit your local mattress retailer to see why many consumers are getting better sleep with hybrid mattresses. Read other mattress reviews.