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Gel Mattress Review

Gel Mattresses: What You Need To Know

When settling down for sleep, most people do not think twice about what fills their mattress. However, the composition of a mattress has a huge impact on your sleep experience. The gel mattress review helps.

One of the latest advancements in the mattress industry is the gel mattress.

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What Is Special About a Gel Mattress?

At first, you may balk at the idea of gel inside your mattress. After all, it sounds messy, weak and just plain strange. However, when you learn more about the technology, you will discover that this is not the case.

The gel is packed into beads, and these beads are distributed throughout the mattress’s foam composition. This creates an extra layer of maneuverability and support within the mattress, promoting comfort, strength and air circulation for an improved night’s sleep.

Who Should Use Gel Mattresses?

Anyone can benefit from mattresses made from gel, but some people may see more pointed relief.

Because gel is very malleable, it conforms to the body. This provides added support for your joints, which can reduce pain and discomfort.

This is particularly helpful for people who sleep on their sides, which is a position that often leads to pain. Anyone with sensitive joints should consider gel, and couples in particular can benefit because gel conforms to each body separately. This allows the mattress to shift for each sleeper without affecting the other.

Moreover, the nature of gel beads encourages airflow throughout the mattress. This can help anyone who overheats regularly during the night, providing a superior sleep experience.

If you are a light sleeper, gel can reduce the number of distractions you face from environmental elements.

Some people with allergies also benefit from gel since it provides better air circulation. To discover whether or not gel is right for you, consider a gel mattress review carefully.

gel mattress review

What Are the Features of a Gel Mattress?

If you are considering gel for your next mattress, you need to know the full range of features.

Memory foam construction
Gel bead distribution for increased comfort
Superior air circulation
Responsive structure responds to your body
Durable construction wears well

Specific features will vary for each gel mattress. Therefore, it is important to study each model when considering a gel mattress review.

What Types of Gel Mattresses Are Available?

Gel mattresses are closely related to memory foam. In fact, gel is considered a subset of memory foam because the gel is simply inserted into the memory foam as an added feature.

Specific differences between gel mattresses is determined by the composition of the gel and the way it is packed or spread throughout the mattress.

Some mattresses put the gel near the very top of the mattress, which provides more immediate access to the benefits of gel. However, other mattresses infuse the gel into the memory foam for a more subtle and supportive approach. Both types share similar benefits, but the heat distribution may be affected.

It can be difficult to determine the exact composition of the gel, and many differences in comfort and performance are negligible. To see what the gel is made of, be sure to research the specific model thoroughly before making a purchase. This is important if you have certain sensitivities to particular chemicals, which may be present inside the gel.

  • Gel mattresses are noted for their ability to mold themselves in response to your body, ensuring better support and less probability of discomfort.
  • Gel is also very resilient, allowing the mattress to shift and reform itself time after time. This makes gel a durable choice, offering you prolonged use of your mattress.
  • Most distinctively, gel is more breathable than many alternatives. This encourages air circulation, which can distribute heat generated from your body with more ease.
  • Many people find that gel mattresses offer a cooler sleeping experience, which can improve the quality of your rest.
  • Although gel is touted as a cooling feature, some people report that gel conducts heat over a period of time. This means that while gel mattresses are cool at first, they may trap heat as it is generated by your body throughout the night.
  • This can lead to increased warmth as you sleep, which can make the mattress less comfortable over time. Gel mattresses may also have slow response times. In other words, once the mattress conforms to your body, it may be slow to respond to new positions. This can make it difficult to adjust yourself during the night, and it can inhibit your ability to get up in the morning.
  • Some people also have concerns about the chemical composition of the gel beads inside the mattress. This is especially true since many companies do not disclose the full list of ingredients inside the beads.

Is Gel Right For You?

Buying a mattress is a very individualized activity. No two people have the same response to any given mattress. Therefore, you need to consider your own personal needs and preferences when considering a gel mattress review.

Gel is useful for people who sleep in specific positions and need extra support. Gel may also help those who overheat easily during their sleep. Before buying, be sure to test the mattress out. Lay on it as you would when you are sleeping. Read a mattress review to learn about the experiences of other people who have used this type of mattress. If possible, try to purchase the mattress from a retailer that allows returns and exchanges within the first month. Problems with a mattress do not always become apparent until after several weeks of use.

What Determines the Quality of Gel Mattresses?

Gel mattresses vary in terms of the amount of gel and the overall construction of the memory foam. Memory foam comes in various densities, which can provide varying degrees of support.

Denser memory foam often offers better support and durability, and this is especially true when infused with gel. Specifically, you can look at the mattress’s indentation load deflection.

Known as the ILD measurement, this number tells you how hard or soft the mattress will be. Also look to see how much gel is used and how that gel is distributed throughout the mattress. This can affect the way the mattress feels and how well it endures under normal conditions.


What Is the Proper Care Routine for Gel Mattresses?

Care and maintenance will vary depending on the specific model of mattress.

However, in general, gel mattresses are designed with one side that is supposed to be up.

This means that you should not flip your mattress. However, gel mattresses can benefit from being rotated from time to time. Spot cleaning can be done with a damp rag and mild detergents.

Gel mattresses should not be soaked or steamed. Not only can these methods ruin the internal composition of the mattress, but they can also promote mold growth. All mattresses can be further protected with mattress pads and covers. Check the manufacturer’s specifications to learn more about the preferred cleaning methods for your mattress.