ESET Antivirus review: is it secure enough?

ESET (Essential Security against Evolving Threats) has the reputation for being one of the most secure antivirus products on the market. Users appreciate ESET’s extensive offering of excellent protection features like the anti-theft tool for stolen devices

Is ESET any good?

ESET is a safe antivirus that’s really good at protecting your devices from malwarephishing scams, ransomware, and other online threats. While testing the program, I found that it kept my device completely secure while I was online. In addition to this, ESET has some great features to help you recover your device if it gets lost or stolen. It also lets you keep an eye on who’s logging into your Wi-Fi router.

But don’t just take my word for it. In independent lab tests, ESET performed almost flawlessly for protectionperformance and usability

ESET Antivirus security review

ESET provides almost flawless antivirus protection by offering a really sophisticated suite of security features. Let’s take a look at what these are and how well they perform.

Multi-platform protection

ESET offers comprehensive protection for WindowsMacAndroid and Linux, which means that you can protect a wide range of devices. And not only that – depending on which plan you choose, you can protect multiple devices with the same license. Thus, you can use it on your laptop, smartphone and tablet.

A license for ESET NOD32, for example, can be used to activate ESET Cyber Security or ESET Cyber Security Pro on a Mac. So you know that, no matter what operating system or device you use, you’ll be getting a comprehensive suite of security features tailored to the platform you’re using.


Ransomware protection

Ransomware is one of the worst types of malware. Once it sneaks into your device, it encrypts all your files, demanding a ransom. Ransomware is difficult to get rid of – that’s why it’s important you take all the necessary measures to prevent it.

Luckily, ESET is able to prevent ransomware from entering your system. Of course, to be 100% safe, you should also backup all your important files and avoid opening suspicious email attachments or links.

ESET Password Manager

ESET has bundled a password manager with its more expensive plans (more on plans and pricing a bit further down). And it’s pretty good as password managers go, although there are other programs out there that offer more features.

The main thing is that the ESET password manager is very secure. It uses 256-bit AES secure encryption to protect your passwords from hackers.

And it’s convenient, too. It allows you to sync passwords across all your devices, so long as you have the ESET app on them. And on your desktop, it comes as a browser extension for ChromeFirefox and Edge.

In testing, ESET’s password manager worked well, auto filling and auto saving my passwords without any errors or prompts. It really is very intuitive.

However, it’s worth noting that it can only import passwords from a select number of third party password managers. This can cause a major problem if you’re transitioning from an existing password manager to ESET.

Perhaps more troublingly, ESET’s password manager is missing some pretty essential features you’ll find on many of its competitors This includes breach monitoring, auditing, password sharing between users, and emergency access.

All in all, if you don’t have a password manager and you’re thinking of signing up to one of ESET’s more expensive plans, you might as well use the password manager included. But if not, you’d probably be better off using a third-party password manager that has more to offer.


Banking and privacy secured

ESET promises to keep your banking details more secure, enabling you to shop online without worrying about your payment details being compromised. This feature activates automatically whenever you visit a recognized financial site. It will help you switch to a secure browser in order to protect your payment data.

Once you’ve opted to use a secure browser for a financial website, it will then automatically open in a secure browser whenever you visit it.

ESET Plans and Pricing

ESET has 3 main pricing plans that are categorized under Essential, Advanced, and Ultimate

Essentially, the Windows packages are ESET’s main offering. And while the packages all state that they are compatible with the different operating systems, they aren’t really – you’re directed to download the “nearest” corresponding software for each OS, with its different features and levels of protection. However — you can at least buy 1 plan for multiple devices and simply use the “best available” software for each different OS.

ESET’s mid-range “Advanced” plan, Internet Security for Windows (or Cyber Security Pro for Mac)provides the best balance of security features and value. However, it’s more expensive than TotalAV’s mid-range Internet Security plan, which includes a VPN, excellent tune-up tools, and coverage for up to 5 devices.

ESET’s plans all cover a single device, with a small added fee for each additional device — this includes different operating systems, so you can buy e.g. Internet Security for 3 devices, and if using any of those licenses on a Mac or Android, you’ll simply have access to the corresponding software package for each OS.

Honestly, this small fee per device makes ESET a pretty bad option for large groups or families looking to share an internet security plan, but the price flexibility will be appreciated by anybody who is looking for coverage on just 1 or 2 devices.

ESET Essential: NO Antivirus for Windows and Linux (Cyber Security for Mac)

NOD3 Antivirus is ESET’s most basic antivirus package, offering:

  • Anti-malware scanner.
  • Anti-phishing protection.
  • Ransomware detection.
  • Gaming mode.

The Mac version, Cyber Security, includes just the anti-malware scanner and anti-phishing protection — the ransomware detection and gamer mode aren’t compatible with macOS.

Starting at INR3,110 / year, NOD32 Antivirus is good for individual users looking for a very simple, low-cost antivirus, but other competitors like Avira provide much more in their basic packages.

However, given the quality of ESET’s malware scanner, if you aren’t interested in extra features and are just looking for a lightweight antivirus scanner that provides the most basic protection, NOD32 Antivirus isn’t a bad choice.

ESET Advanced: Internet Security for Windows (Cyber Security Pro for Mac)

Starting at INR3,890 / year, ESET’s Internet Security offers a good variety of features, but it’s more expensive than some other competitors that provide more (and better) features and similar malware detection capabilities (like TotalAV).

In addition to all the features in the Essential package, ESET Internet Security includes:

  • Firewall.
  • Antispam.
  • Safe browser.
  • Parental controls.
  • Webcam protection.
  • Advanced diagnostics tools.
  • System cleaner.
  • Network monitor.
  • Anti-theft protection.

The comparable Mac product, Cyber Security Pro, contains just the firewall, parental controls, web and email scanning, and a limited selection of the diagnostics tools. Given this limited range of features, the Mac version really isn’t great. If you’re mainly looking for protection for your Mac, you’re far better off going for a Mac-focused product like Intego.

ESET’s main/Windows version, Internet Security, is a far more worthwhile option, except that a number of the features aren’t that good — the parental controls and secure browser really aren’t even worth setting up. However, the anti-malware engine, web protection, network security tools, anti-theft features, and advanced diagnostics tools make this a decent antivirus program, especially for more advanced users.

Protecting digital progress with award-winning security

ESET’s future-ready Internet Security protects your digital life every step of the way. Secures Windows, macOS and Android devices.


ESET has one of the best anti-malware scanners I’ve used, but its additional features aren’t great. In addition to performing perfectly in terms of malware detection, ESET’s main advantage is that it has a lot of advanced diagnostics tools — which are excellent