Best Weighted Blanket in 2022

Nolah weighted bamboo blankets

The soothing Nolah Weighted Bamboo Blanket provides ultimate comfort for daytime relaxation and quality sleep.

Highlights of the Nolah Weighted Blanket:

  • 4 Sizes: Kids 8 lbs, Full 15lbs, Queen 20 lbs, and King 25 lbs
  • Beadless (no noisy glass beads) which makes weight more evenly distributed
  • Filled with down-alternative polyester
  • Hand woven OKEO-Tek certified weighted yarn made from plush micro flannel polyester
  • Breathable knit design to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • Pesticide and fertilizer free
  • Machine washable and tested for 100+ wash/dry cycles
  • Machine wash and dry safe duvet covers available
  • Free Standard Shipping
  • Sustainable carbon-neutral shipping and recycled/reusable materials
  • For every blanket sold, a blanket is donated to a community in need all over the world

Soft on One Side, Softer on the Other

The flippable design of the Nolah Weighted Bamboo Blanket makes it snuggly on both sides and ensures it will last the test of time. While the inside has a cozy comforter feel, the outside has a smoother, silkier texture, similar to our cooling bamboo sheets.

Calming, Cooling, and Weighted to Perfection

The Nolah Weighted Bamboo Blanket creates a cozy, comforting environment for couch snuggles and restorative sleep. While the silky-smooth bamboo cover cools and soothes the skin, the weighted infill calms the body so you can fall asleep and stay asleep.

Benefits of Weighted Blankets

Say goodbye to tossing, turning, and counting sheep. Nolah Weighted Bamboo Blanket will help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up feeling refreshed.
Like other weighted blankets, Nolah Bamboo Blanket applies gentle weight to pressure points around your body making you feel instantly calm, grounded, and stress-free…just like a swaddled baby. (It’s the same science!)

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