Best vpn in 2022

Surfshark VPN

Surfshark is an excellent VPN service as it offers unlimited devices and provides rarely seen split tunneling and MultiHop features.
Free trial with a 30-day money-back guarantee

Top Features

  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • CleanWeb – blocks trackers, ads, phishing attempt, and malware
  • Whitelister – allows specific apps and websites to bypass the VPN
  • Kill switch – blocks internet access in case the VPN drops to avoid leaks
  • Private DNS and leak protection
  • Camouflage Mode ensures that even the ISP doesn’t know that you are using VPN
  • NoBorders Mode bypasses censorship and geo-restrictions
  • Multihop allows traffic to hop on two monitors before the exit to mask footprints
  • No-log policy
  • Secure protocol – OpenVPN/IPsec/IKEv2
  • Industry’s best encryption – AES256

Surfshark VPN server count and number of locations

One of the things that make Surfshark VPN to stand out among many VPNs that are available in the market is the number of its servers and locations in which it is found. It boasts of over 3200 servers in 65 countries that cut across all continents. Note further that all the servers have got peer-to-peer (P2P) support, camouflage mode, OpenVPN/IKEv2, Extension Support, Private Domain Name System (DNS) and a Strict no-logs policy and more here>>

How to get a Surfshark free trial

Surfshark VPN offers a free VPN trial (7 days) for Android, iOS, and macOS platforms. Or you can get it for a different platform with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the service, you can get a refund within 30 days of your purchase.

Block ads on browsers & apps

Popular ad-blocking browser extensions only work with ads, banners, and pop-ups on a browser level. With an adblock VPN, you’ll be free from adware and malware on browsers and apps alike.

Boost browsing speeds

Ads and pop-ups are not only irritating, but they also slow down your internet connection. With CleanWeb, pages you visit load faster.

While CleanWeb takes care of ads, let a VPN take care of your digital privacy. A VPN masks your online identity by hiding your IP address. Protect your data, bypass geo-blocks and censorship, and enjoy other VPN benefits.

Surfshark VPN Speedtest

Surfshark VPN is one of the fastest VPN in the market. I have used it for high-resolution HD Video conference calls and to watch 4K Videos. When tested for Netflix and other video streaming services the quality of videos was high throughout. If you are into online video games that it important to note that you can play endless games without a drop in the quality of the video.

Does Surfshark VPN keep logs activity?

The purpose of any VPN is to protect the privacy of its users. This means making sure that no one traces your activities on the internet. It will be therefore against the main code of operation for VPNs for Surfshark VPN to keep your internet log activities. Moreover, VPN has a team of highly skilled experts who understands that keeping customers’ log activities creates a weak point in their system that hackers can use to compromise the privacy of customers. For these reasons, you should not be worried about the company keeping your internet logs because it does not.

Surfshark | 24 months + 2 months FREE | $2.30/pm

Surfshark is great value, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that it’s a knock-off. With rock-solid encryption, excellent streaming performance and intuitive apps for just about every device, it’s one of the best in this biz – and at just $2.30 a month plus a 30-day money-back guarantee, it’s a real bargain

Device and platform compatibility

Surfshark VPN software is compatible with almost all devices and has got apps for major platforms. Whether it is homework, leisure or artwork, you can protect your MacOS laptop with Surfshark VPN. This Software also adds more security to Windows desktop which is the most popular operating system. With Surfshark VPN, you can go stealth online using Linux operating system virtually without any trace.

Phones and tablets are not left out either. Your iOS and Android phones are fully catered for. Also included are browser Plug-Ins like Firefox and Chrome. Additionally, you can safely watch your favorite Smart TVs like Apple TV, Fire TV and many more others while connected to Surfshark VPN. Last but not least, be assured that nobody can snoop on you as you do your gaming on Consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox as long as you are connected to Surfshark VPN.

Number of devices supported simultaneously

Although almost all VPN software are known to support the installation of many devices, this differs from one VPN to another and the number largely ranges from 5 to 10 devices per account. However, Surfshark VPN is an exception because it allows for the installation of any number of devices at once; with unlimited simultaneous connections. With a single subscription to Surfshark, you can download and make use of all apps as much as you like on all your devices. Furthermore, this does not in any way affect speed because there are no limitations on bandwidth.

Does Surfshark VPN allow torrenting?

It is important to point out right from the outset that torrenting is the act of downloading and uploading files and it involves the downloading of files from other users’ devices on the network instead of downloading the files to a central server. In another instance, it is about uploading files from your devices for other users to download. This is a very popular form of peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing. In many cases, torrenting is normally associated with piracy because people use it to share files that are protected by copyright such as music, movies, and games.

On a positive note, torrenting has got legitimate uses too such as distributing the hosting burden among users. Some VPNs are better suited for torrenting than others and Surfshark VPN ranks among the best. This is because it ensures that only you know that you are torrenting. Another reason is that Surfshark VPN affords you unrestricted enjoyment of the internet whereby you can access whatever content that you love. Thirdly, Surfshark VPN assures you of the highest bandwidth speeds and no throttling at all; regardless of the data, you are downloading.

Unblock Netflix with Surfshark

At Surfshark we don’t limit your bandwidth or devices you can use your VPN on. Stream Netflix to your heart’s content – buffer-free, private, and on any platform (that’s a promise)! Also, get your friends and family involved in private streaming too!

Customer support options

As is the norm with many service providers, Surfshark VPN offers customer support in a variety of ways. Customer support options which are available include live chats from their website, information provided under the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, emailing and tutorials. From their tutorials, you will get started by learning about how to install apps, set VPN on routers and Smart TVs among other devices.

You also get tutored on trouble shooting issues with regard to finding solutions for connectivity, streaming, log-in and many more other issues. You can also find information on billing and your account in respect of invoices, refund policy and etcetera. General information is available too and more specifically about features, streaming services and much more.

In Conclusion

Surfshark is one of the most effective VPNs in the market today. It is affordably priced and it is packed with features that may not be common in the industry just yet.

It offers unlimited simultaneous connections as well as unlimited bandwidth. Coupled with the high speeds on all servers, Surfshark has become one of the best VPNs for video streaming and online gaming.

Surfshark’s VPN solutions are designed to give maximum privacy and security. The no-log policy, multihop, private DNS, and kill switch ensures that your online activities are private and secure. Its protocols and encryptions are some of the industry’s best.

The VPN interface is easy to use even for beginners. The information about the VPN or your account details is available at a glance. When you log in, you get a summary of the connection status and your account details at first glance. Surfshark is one of the most secure and private VPNs in the industry today.

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