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By Ren Luckey (specialist in tech and media)

Filmora, More for Creators

 the video editor, which makes your editing experience efficient and playful.
Now, every creator can tell incredible stories more confidently.

Top features

  • Split-Screen
  • Instant Mode
  • Special Effects
  • Text and Title Effects
  • Motion tracking
  • Keyframing
  • Green screen
  • Screen recorder
  • >1,00 audio tracks and sound effects


A cool feature of Filmora 11 is the ability to apply a split screen when showing multiple video clips at the same time.

There are 30 different split screen templates to choose from that can show up to 6 clips at the same time.

After dragging the template onto the timeline and selecting the desired video clips, it is also possible to dip into advanced mode. Here you can fine-tune the animations of the split screen.

Title presets

At the time of writing this Filmora 11 review, there are 3,970 title presets to choose from. Many of these are free and come pre-downloaded, whereas some require a FilmStock membership for access.

The title presents span 26 different categories, including:

  • Gaming
  • Titles
  • Lower 3rds
  • Subtitles
  • End credits
  • Callouts

Simply drag a preset onto the timeline and you can tweak it to your liking.

Using presets like this gives your video a high-production value, without putting in much effort. You can even open up the advanced settings to change anything about the presets, such as the type of animation or the colors used.

Motion tracking

Motion tracking is the ability to add an element, such as an image or a piece of text, and have it follow (track) a moving part in a video.

In Filmora 11, you simply select the clip and enable motion tracking. Then, you move the selection box around the part of the video you want to track and Filmora will do the rest.

With motion tracking, you can really spice up your videos without putting in that much effort.

In the example below, I downloaded a clip of a dog running from Pixabay and added a piece of text that would follow the dog running. By using the motion tracking feature, this whole process took me just a minute to do!

If you want to learn more about motion tracking in Filmora, then must check out this 

video tutorial Here>>>>

Green screen

The green screen trick has been used in the film industry for decades. Simply, you can remove something in the video that is a certain color, such as bright green.

With Filmora 11, you can import video clips containing a green screen and remove them from the shot. Doing this was super easy, it’s just a case of selecting the clip and picking the color you want to remove.

The title presents span 26 different categories, including


A transition is the effect added between two video clips that are next to one another on the timeline. The simplest transition I can give as an example is a fade, where one clip fades away while another fades into the shot.

In Filmora 11, there are 869 different transitions to choose from in 18 different categories; these include:

  • Basic (e.g. fade)
  • 3D
  • Social media
  • Speed blur
  • Warp

Filmora, More for Creators

 the video editor, which makes your editing experience efficient and playful.
Now, every creator can tell incredible stories more confidently.

When applying transitions, it is possible to adjust the length of the effect, the style of transition (overlap, prefix or postfix) and the ability to include trimmed frames.


Elements are a collection of shapes and icons that you can add on top of videos. Say you wanted to point something out in the video, well you could include an arrow element.

I counted 4,401 different elements that are available, either freely or via FilmStock in Filmora 11. Each element is placed into 30 separate categories, which included:

  • Shapes
  • How to
  • Gaming
  • Arrow
  • Background

Some elements are just static images, while others include animations and effects. For example, the Flame Wipe 2 element looks like a burst of flames that comes up from the bottom and then fades away.

Visual effects

If you like playing around with elements and tweaking settings to make some cool visual tricks, then you’ll be pleased to see what Filmora 11 can do in terms of effects.

There are 2,173 different effects that are ready to be dropped on to the timeline. This includes many freely available options, and the recently added Boris FX and NewBlue FX options.

The types of effects that can be used include:

  • Filters
  • Overlays
  • Utilities
  • LookUp Tables (LUTS)

Filmora 11 review: Final thoughts

So, there you have my rather long, but hopefully helpful, detailed Filmora 11 review.

I was pleasantly surprised with Filmora 11. It’s packed with so many features and capabilities that I still cannot believe it can be picked up for under $100.

In fact, I found it that good that I am seriously considering swapping from Camtasia to Filmora 11 to create tutorial videos for my YouTube channel.

Thank you for reading this post