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Amerisleep Mattress Review

People who look for memory foam mattresses are well aware of the name of Amerisleep. This is an American company that has the reputation of making some of the best quality memory foam mattresses that suits different types of sleepers. As per the various Amerisleep mattress reviews, the product is recommended by 98% of its users to their friends, which speaks a lot about the satisfaction that it delivers to its users.

Amerisleep Mattress review summary

Amerisleep mattresses are available at five different levels of firmness, which makes it apt for people with practically any type of sleeping pattern. Whether you sleep on your back, on the side or on your stomach, you would always find a mattress that suits your sleeping pattern. These Amerisleep mattress reviews will take you on a quick tour of the unique features of the mattress and sets of pros and cons of these mattresses. Some of the salient features of the mattress are as follows:

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Five different levels of firmness available – Colonial, Liberty, Americana, Revere, and Independence

Mattress covers are made of Celliant threads, which are a combination of highly thermo-reactive minerals and works great in regulating body temperature while sleeping.

Greater comfort, support and cooling provided by 4.0 pound memory foam which is available in every type of Amerisleep mattress.

Increased support by means of surface modification technology


There are many benefits of this three-layered mattress. These are

Mattresses with different levels of firmness to suit different body types and sleep patterns
Highly effective in isolating motion, which gives undisturbed sleep even if partner moves on the bed frequently
Provides cool sleeping surface that leads to a highly refreshing and rejuvenating sleep
Mattresses are more responsive than other memory foam mattresses
Plant based foam used in the mattress, which makes them organic and eco-friendly
100 day free trial period
Warranty coverage of 20 years


Finding a disadvantage of a product which gets recommended by 98% of its users is a real daunting task. However, while writing this mattress review, the only disadvantages that are worth mentioning are listed below.

The mattresses are bit pricey as compared to other available options

The mattresses are not as bouncy as latex mattresses. It is certainly not meant for people who love bouncy latex mattress beds.

Lying comfort around

As already mentioned in the early part of this Amerisleep mattress review, the different models of the mattress provides dedicated lying comfort to different types of sleepers. While the Colonial mattress is ideal for side and combo sleepers, the Liberty mattresses are fine for all types of sleeping patterns. For those who prefer sleeping on the back or on the stomach, the Revere mattress would be the best match for them. If someone is suffering from back pain and needs a firm bed to sleep on, the Americana mattress is the ideal one for them, as that is the firmest mattress in the whole range of Amerisleep mattresses.

However, when it comes to ultimate luxury sleeping, there is no match to Independence mattress, which is the most expensive and best quality mattress found in the product line of Amerisleep mattresses.

Construction (Layer)

Barring Americana and Revere, each of the different types of Amerisleep mattresses have three layers. The bottom most layer for all five types of mattresses (except Revere) is thick 7” bio-core support foam, which helps in providing additional support to the body and also acts as a foundation to the mattress. The other layers in different types are as follows:


The top layer of this 3-layered mattress is a 3” bio-foam layer which conforms to the body and cools it down. The second layer is a 2” affinity layer that makes the bed feel softer as it supports the weight of the body. The third layer is the 7” bio-core support foam layer which has already been mentioned above.


This is a 3-layer mattress with the top layer for comfort and made of 2” of bio-pur and memory foam. The second layer is the support and transition layer which is 4” thick and allows better airflow by means of breathable channels.


This is a 2-layered mattress which is similar to the Colonial mattress with the exception of the middle layer that is not present. The top comfort layer of the Americana is 3” thick.


Similar to Americana, the only difference of the layers in Revere mattress is that the top layer is 3” thick and the bottom layer is 9” thick. The materials in the two layers are same as Americana.


With 3 layers of advanced foam, this is a 14” thick mattress that has 2” of bio-pur and memory foam in the top layer, 3” of Activus foam in middle layer that gives responsive support, and 9” of bio-core foam at the bottom layer.

Amerisleep Mattress


Regardless of the type of mattress, each of the Amerisleep mattresses’ covers are made with celliant threads and are poly blended covers. The different covers for different mattresses are as below.

  • Colonial – white on top and grey mesh on the sides
  • Americana – All white fabric is used for the cover
  • Revere – White on top and brown mesh on the sides
  • Liberty – White on top and tan mesh on the sides
  • Independence – All white fabric gives it the classy and elegant look
The use of celliant threads in the cover makes the mattresses ideal sleeping ground. It is being clinically proven that celliant helps people fall asleep at least 15 minutes quicker than what they take usually to fall asleep.

Firmness and Comfort

When it comes to comfort, there is nothing under the sun that can match the comfort of the mattresses provided by Amerisleep. The five different types of mattresses are designed to deliver different levels of firmness that are needed by people with varied sleeping patterns. While the colonial is the softest of all, it is the Americana that is the most firm mattress. While Liberty mattresses are medium soft, the Revere mattress can be categorized as medium firm mattresses. In terms of firmness, the Independence mattress can also be categorized as a soft mattress, however, it is not as soft as Colonial mattress.

Amerisleep Mattress


When it comes to matters of price, Amerisleep mattresses are slightly expensive than other memory foam mattresses that are available in the market. The different levels of firmness attract different prices which are listed below. See other memory foam mattress reviews.

Americana mattress price:

  • Twin – $749
  • Twin XL – $799
  • Full – $999
  • Queen – $1049
  • King – $1149
  • California King – $1149
  • Split King – $1449

Revere mattress price:

  • Twin – $899
  • Twin XL – $999
  • Full – $1199
  • Queen – $1299
  • King – $1599
  • California King – $1599
  • Split King – $1699

Liberty mattress price:

  • Twin – $799
  • Twin XL – $899
  • Full – $1099
  • Queen – $1199
  • King – $1499
  • California King – $1499
  • Split King – $1599

Colonial Mattress price:

  • Twin XL – $1449
  • Queen – $2049
  • King – $2299
  • California King – $2299
  • Split King – $2699

Independence mattress price:

  • Twin XL – $1799
  • Queen – $2299
  • King – $2549
  • California King – $2549
  • Split King – $3398
There are seasonal discount offers being rolled out by the company as well as different sellers that offers discount from the range of $50 to $200 on the different types of mattresses from Amerisleep.


Service of Amerisleep Mattress

As you buy Amerisleep mattresses, you would not only get comfortable sleeping nights, but would also get comfortable customer service. With dedicated phone support, email support and Facebook page, the Amerisleep company ensures that they are in reach of their customers whenever the latter needs them.

Guarantee & Trial Period

Regardless of the type of mattress, Amerisleep offers a 100 night free trial period to its customers. If the product is found to be unsatisfactory, they will not provide full refund of the money, but will also arrange for a free return pickup. However, the company urges its customers to use the mattress for at least 30 nights before arriving at any decision about the comfort factor that is offered by the mattress.

Amerisleep offers the best-in-class warranty on its mattresses. The company offers a warranty period of 20 years to its users, the first 10 years of which covers the entire purchase. The remaining 10 years would be covered on a prorated basis, depending on the time duration that the customer has used the mattress.



Once the order is placed, the Amerisleep mattress would be shipped within two working days. Shipping of the product is free of cost within continental United States and is done via FedEx. Depending on the delivery location, the shipping takes about 1 to 5 working days. The product is not shipped to any APO address however.

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