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The Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress Review
The Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress from Nest Bedding is the company’s third hit in the industry. The company launched in 2011 as a direct-to-consumer mattress manufacturer. Now it’s one of the best to offer mattresses in a box. As this mattress review shows, Nest Bedding is dedicated to providing a great sleep experience with The Alexander Signature Hybrid.

The Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress Review Summary

Overall, The Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress cools well during the night compared to non-memory foam mattresses, and it’s comfortable. Its construction utilizes several advanced mattress technologies, including copper-infused foam, ventilated foam and pocketed coils. Nest Bedding also has great customer service and a long warranty and trial period.

It’s great for couples with partners who toss and turn a lot in their sleep. However, couples of heavier weight might feel that it has too much motion transfer. It also doesn’t have very many firmness options: only medium and luxury firm. The Alexander Signature Hybrid offers a lot of value, but it’s a little pricey compared to some other brands in the same market.

  • You get a 100-night trial period/li>
  • It comes with a 20-year warranty
  • It’s cheaper than top luxury mattresses
  • The motion transfer is minimal for small to medium couples who toss and turn at night
  • There’s no noticeable off-gassing out of the box
  • It’s one of the most comfortable mattresses in a box
  • It’s made of quality materials in America
  • Nest Bedding has wonderful customer service
  • You have little choice of firmness or customization
  • It’s a little costly compared to other mattresses in a box.
  • Motion transfer is noticeable for couples of heavy weight.
  • The Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress Overview

During an assessment for this mattress review, The Alexander Signature Hybrid balanced support with bounce and cooling. With a conventional feel, it provides the benefits of both copper- and gel-infused memory foams and innerspring coils. Despite a lower price than top-of-the-line luxury mattresses, the hybrid is comparable on every level. It’s one of the most comfortable among others that we’ve tested.
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One of the biggest benefits that we found for The Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress review is that it sleeps cooler than most memory foam and hybrid mattresses. This is thanks to SmartFlow and copper-infused foam layers. These help body heat dissipate quickly so that you don’t need a cooling pad.

Another big benefit is that it doesn’t have off-gassing that punches you in the face out of the box. What little smell is there for people with sensitive noses shouldn’t cause any problems. This is unusual for mattress-in-a-box products and a welcome change.

Some other great qualities about The Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress is its excellent edge support and decent bounce. Nest Bedding also makes this mattress in the states with quality products to keep prices lower than out-of-the-box luxury mattresses.

Motion Transfer and Sinkage

For this mattress review, the pocketed coils did a good job of preventing motion transfer. This will work very well for people who sleep together and are close to the same weight. However, a change in weight made a noticeable difference. This could mean that a heavier partner who moves a lot at night wakes the lighter partner.

Also dependent on weight, the sinkage performed the same. The edge support was better than we’ve found in most mattresses that come in a box.


For The Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress review, some research about the four layers in this product was in order. Here are the details starting from the bottom layer:

7-inch Foundation – This layer has five-zone edge support pocketed innerspring coils. The support of these coils provides a deep sleep.
2-inch Support – Adding to the support of the foundation is a layer of SmartFlow foam. This is a 1.8-density transitional foam that also improves cooling performance.
2-inch Cooling and Comfort – This layer utilizes 3.5-density gel foam that is infused with copper. This improves comfort and cooling performance.
2-inch Top – With a density of 1.5, the quilted foam top is designed to relieve pressure points and improve airflow for a cooler sleep experience.

The cover on The Alexander Signature Hybrid is made of 20 percent polyester and 80 percent rayon. The quilted pattern is pleasing to the eye, and it feels very soft.

Firmness and Comfort

There are only two firmness options for this mattress: medium and luxury firm. On a scale of one to 10, the medium feels like a 6. The luxury firm feels like a 7.5. This is a great balance for people who sleep on their backs or sides. However, it won’t work for people who want softer or firmer mattresses.

Despite the lack of firmness options, The Alexander Signature Hybrid is very comfortable. The innerspring coils offer bounce, while the memory foam provides body contouring. The quality materials that Nest Bedding uses contribute to this performance.


The price of The Alexander Signature Hybrid is reasonable compared to out-of-the-box mattresses of the same quality but a little high within the market. Take a look at the options below:

Twin – $799
Twin XL – $899
Full – $1,099
Queen – $1,199
King – $1,499
California King – $1,499
Split King or California King (one side) – $899
Split King or California King (both sides) – $1,799

Financing is available through Affirm during the checkout process. This allows customers to pay for their mattresses over time without incurring extra fees.


While other direct-to-consumer mattresses offer customization and firmness options, Nest Bedding doesn’t for The Alexander Signature Hybrid. These could be big cons for people who have different sleep needs than the mattress provides.

Another detriment is that motion transfer is noticeable for people who are heavier in size. Additionally, the mattress is a little on the pricey side despite its strong value.

Service for The Alexander Signature Hybrid

Nest Bedding is known for its customer service, and we experienced it first hand for this mattress review. The company offers a 20-year warranty, which is much longer than average. The entire team is also friendly and helpful, which went a long way with an exchange from the medium to the luxury firm option.

Guarantee and Trial Period

The company offers a 100-percent, money back guarantee. It allows for a 100-night trial period upon receiving The Alexander Signature Hybrid. This is above average in the industry. Customers have the option to exchange the mattresses if they aren’t satisfied. On the other hand, they can give the mattress to a local charity and receive a full refund. Nest Bedding even offers to help customers find a charity.


The free shipping was another thing that we experienced for The Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress review. However, this isn’t available for people who live in Alaska and Hawaii. Same-day delivery is also available in some areas for an extra fee.

Nest Bedding provided a tracking number with FedEx, and the mattress arrived in five business days. Since it came in a box, it was easy to maneuver to the bedroom despite its heavy weight. However, those who want the delivery workers to set it up for them can request that service for an extra charge.
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